City of Doors

City Structure

There are only two streets in the City of Doors, which due to dimensional warping always cross each other in the same direction. 

Notable Locations

The Bazaar occupies the temple of abandoned gods. Anyone can sell. no one can steal. (recurring)

The Coliseum hosts martial and sorcerous competitions of all kinds. (unique)

The Curio Shoppe is your source for rare and unusual portal components. Always hiring collection specialists.

Firebrow's Emporeum If it'll burn your beard off, you'll find it here!

Blades "The finest weapons on both roads" boasts the gaudy red banner that hangs over the entrance to this shop.

The Going Concern 

The Red Dragon Inn

Acquisitions Incorporated you want it? we'll get it for you!

The Library (unique)

[[Balthazar's]] An auction house of impeccable repute. Specialists in determining the provenance of rare items.

Mercenary Row this stretch of road plays host to hundreds of mercenary companies for hire.

The Magic Works this alley is always set up near a portal to a essence stone farm, or essence stone mine.

Notable People


City of Doors

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